RIOS Gallery

10 декабря 2013

Hobbies in Art
Gallery Rios has after the last year’s exposition "Food" invented a new jolly idea and commissioned from the same artists – Valeri Laur, Slava Semerikov, Vera Stanishevskaya, Anatoli Strakhov, sculptor Alexander Litvinov – works on the theme "Hobbies". There are hobbies of all kinds in the world and the artists have represented the cultivating of those at any time. In the paintings, drawings and sculptures, created for this exposition, the fishing, billiards, card-playing, chess etc.are reflected. The subject has not hindered the artists to create the works in their individual manner and emotionality, just on the contrary – been inspiring in its playfulness. We have seen quite often the dim, overstrained themes in art, reminding us the sentence of the German enlightener Georg Christoph Lichtenberg: "Not all,that is expressed with a serious air, is sensible". As the so-called light genre in music, so can its parallel in the figurative art be cultivated on a very good level, too. The exposition "Hobbies in Art" confirms it.
Mai Levin