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Mr. Tom Kristensen

Maurice Utrillo (1883-1955).
Motive Montmartr (1940s).
Lithograph, gouache, paper

Vladimir Bogatkin (1922-1971).
In Cafe (1960).
Lithograph, paper

István Somogyi (1897-1971).
Herd of horses (1950s).
Oil on canvas

August von Wille (1828-1887).
In a wine vault (1886).
Oil on canvas

Eugen Gustav Dücker (1841-1916).
Landscape with a windmill (the end of 19 centuries).
Watercolour, gouache, paper

Gerhard Paul parun Rosen (1856-1927).
Krusenstern's Country House in Kiltsi (1913).
Oil on canvas

Ernö Koch (1898

Art Auction, 2007

Restaurant Gloria

Art Auction, 2007

Restaurant Gloria

Toomas Sildmäe, Tom Kristensen

Viktor Levada

Erki Nool, Toni Meijel

Mart Mardisalu, Jelena Tsurkan, Natalja Senkane

08 ноября 2007

Art Auction, 2007

Dear Friends,

Time flies, and it is time to for yet another annual charity art auction. We are pleased to note that this event, organised by the Estonian Association of Athletes is being held for the eighth time already. This year it will take place On Sunday, 25 November at 18 :00 at Restaurant Gloria. As always – in the form of a gala dinner, accompanied by valuable fine art, amicable companions, pleasant music, good food and wine. And as always – the proceeds of the auction will be used to support children and families of tragically perished athletes.

You are welcome to learn about the new and interesting aspects of the auction from the auction catalogue, or on the Rios Gallery website. An attentive art appreciator will certainly notice that horses occupy a prominent position this year. There were many reasons for this choice, but I was most inspired by the story that I was once told by an artist:

"I wanted to niggle a bit on my own, I found some paint and a board to paint on … I sat there and my brush produced nothing … Then I just started to doodle, and bit by bit an image began to appear, and then – a picture … And then a certain 3-year-old came to me and asked with true innocence: "Are you drawing horses?" What can I say, no-one has ever came to me and expressed his opinion so sincerelyJ. I took it as a compliment, because I know that my works will never be displayed in KUMU and even my first exhibition will probably remain a sweet dream, if there is nothing else to dream about. But, in fact, a horse can be a flowery one, right?"

Is it not great? Now you will ask me, who is this horse rider, who has been invited to participate in the auction as the Guest of Honour? I am greatly privileged to be able to say that Mr. Tom Kristensen, the legendary race driver from Denmark has agreed to support this charity with us. Yes, this very same man who is the seven-time winner of the Le Mans 24 Hours race. And numerous gold and other medals as well. A tamer of iron horses and an ace of wild races. If you still fail to make the connection, please let me remind you that even today a vehicle’s potency is still measured in horsepower. I am looking forward to meeting you at the auction!

Tradition need continuance, life needs innovation.

Jьri Tamm, ESЬ
President of EAA

Cost of the ticket for a gala-supper for two 2000 Estonian crones. ESЬ a/a Sampo pangas 332025440009
The additional information, registration, and registration wishing to participate in auction by phone: GSM +372 5159196 (Elena Tsurkan), +372 50 38885 (Juri Tamm), 6999 698 bodies/faxes +372 656 5609, or, [email protected], [email protected]