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01 ноября 2005

On Friday, November 18th 2005, starting at 19.00 the Kadriorg Art Museum will host the 6th Charity Art Auction to support children and families of tragically perished athletes. The auction is organised by the Estonian Association of Athletes (EAA), in co-operation with the RIOS gallery. It will be held as a gala dinner.

When you glance through the catalogue or visit the gallery within the next couple of days you will have an opportunity to see how interesting and distinguished is the selection of the works of art being offered at the auction. However, there is something more we have prepared for this year: in co-operation with the TV Channel ‘Kanal 2’ a short documentary retelling about the children whom we have been supporting for a number of years now. We are convinced that this brief overview of the children of the chess player Lembit Oll, the decathlonist Valter Külvet, the wrestler Küllo Kõiv, and the cyclist Lauri Aus will add a personal touch to this auction, personifying humaneness and generating the perception of the reality. There is never enough of all that in the world.
This year we have also adopted a slightly different approach to selecting our guest of honour. There is only 30 of those who have been granted this rare title and who represent this exceptional profession. We are delighted for the opportunity of introducing to you the Priestess of the Olympic Flame from Cyprus Ms. Paola Hadjilampri. In 2002 she participated in the ceremony at Mount Olympus of igniting the Olympic Flame for the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympic Games. In March 2004 the Olympic Flame for 2004 Athens Olympic Game was ignited with her participation. We shall have an opportunity to see and hear footage of these events, and be able to hold the original Olympic Torch in our own hands.

From Tallinn Paola will leave directly to Greece to ignite the Olympic Flame for the Turin Winter Olympics on 27 November. Is it not highly symbolic and promising, and does it not give rise to high expectations and hopes for the Estonian athletic community?

I will conclude my speech with Paola’s words, which are very closely connected with what we are doing: "We are dedicated to what we do, we are lifting the Olympic ideals to the highest podium to warm the rest of the world with our flame."

I would like to bring warmth to your hearts and hope you will be generous in making your decisions.

Looking forward to meeting you at the auction!

Jüri Tamm
In the name of Estonian athletes
Chairperson of EAA

The price of a ticket for two to the gala dinner is 1,500 Estonian kroons. ESÜ a/a Sampo pangas 332025440009
Additional information and registration, as well as information to those not having a ticket but wishing to participate via telephone, is available by:
GSM +372 53 400987 (Toni), +372 50 38885 (Jüri Tamm),
fax +372 65 65 609,
or , [email protected] , [email protected]