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15 November 2006

Art Auction, 2006

Dear art and sports friend!

Browsing through the catalogue of the first charity art auction I recollect what we once started with and how. In the leading article that was published then we stated hopefully that our goal is not merely earning a certain amount of money. By initiating the art auction to support the children and families of tragically perished athletes we intended to start a tradition.

We based our hopes on the words of the first ever Estonian trainer – Leopold Tõnisson – who said that faith makes a half of the victory. And this is what we believe today, because otherwise we would not have been able to organise successful auctions seven years in a row, nor would there be people who – by acquiring the artwork – offer joy and success to themselves as well as to others.

Our actions have earned international recognition and appreciation. During recent discussions with Doctor Jacques Rogge, the President of the International Olympic Committee, Mr. President commented on the art auction in the support of athletes, and expressed his best wishes that I promised to forward to our athletic community. Moreover, there have been other significant events that are worth mentioning.

One of our charges – Aivo, the eldest son of the chess player Lembit Oll – has reached adulthood, 18 years of age; next spring will witness his graduation from the secondary school, and he will get an opportunity to feel the upward rush of wind under his wings, and be a man himself. During the past years the foster child of the athletic community has grown to become a capable young man. We believe that he will be a good citizen, and a member of the Estonian Athletes’ Association as well.

The cover of the very first catalogue carries a photo of a hand moving a white chessman. Why did we choose this particular shot? To tell you the truth – I do not know. Perhaps we were guided by the hand of fate, but certainly by emotions that represent the essence of any real flesh-and-bone person. I am convinced that art is not just a form of expressing oneself in words, sounds, images or the body language. Art is not merely a skill that can be learned. This is something larger and nobler, and for this reason art can also find its expression in acts. To support this statement, and to serve as an example of the art of living and behaving is the act performed by Mrs. Inna and Mr. Viktor Kaasik who have participated in the auction for years, and who now donated the income received as their wedding gift to the auction fund. In such cases there can never be too much praise and the following of this example is never disapproved. We extend you our deepest regard and appreciation.

We are also expressing our gratitude to the Ambassador of the United States of America to Estonia, H.E. Mrs. Aldona Zofia Wos, who has already made her charitable contributions this autumn, and has been knowingly buying art at a higher price in order to support the success of the auction. Regrettably her participation in the Gala dinner will be postponed till the next year, because the visit of the President of the United States of America Mr. George Bush to Estonia, that takes place some day earlier, will occupy all her time, and even more.

In view of the fact that this year has been a particular success for the Estonian athletic community, it is not difficult to find a domestic Guest of Honour for this auction, but in sports surprises have a place and role of their own.

I am looking forward to meeting you at the Gala Dinner held on this year in new place, in the restaurant Gloria, on Thursday, 30 November at 19.00!

Jüri Tamm

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