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Reindorf Gunter (1889-1974). Granite stones on a coast. (1965)

Ink, paper
10.7 x 14.5
Lower right - GRff65.

The artist was born in St.Petersburg, and from 1905 to 1913 was a student of the famous Shtiglits Art School (studied graphics in P.Panov's class). Following were the journeys to France and Spain after G.Reindorf received a grant from Shtiglits.
From 1921 to 1941–a teacher at the Industrial Art School in Tallinn and the State Jan Koort School of Applied Arts, from 1950 to 1958–at the Estonian State Art Institute. Professor since 1951. A corresponding member of the Academy of Art of the USSR since 1958. In 1957 G.Reindorf was awarded the honourable title of a People's Artist of Estonia, in 1969–the People's Artist of the Soviet Union.
Gunter Reindorf is one of the most celebrated artists in Estonia, an organiser of the printing and zincographer's shop in the country. G.Reindorf was one of the first designers of stamps and banknotes of Soviet Russia, continued to design coins and paper–money in Estonia. In his early drawings the artist had most intense interest in field flowers and pines. He became famous for his illustrations to the Estonian and Finnish epic tales and a series to Pushkin's poems (the State Award of Estonia in 1949). His works are highly sought.
Exhibited in Torino (1910), Leipzig (1914), Paris (1925), Helsinki, Paris, Lubeck, and Kiel (1929), Moscow (1935), Riga and Kaunas (1937), Rome and Budapest (1939), numerous shows in Estonia.

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