RIOS Gallery


Two ways at which you may bid at auction.

1. You may place the bid, which is equal to the price offered at auction or higher than the minimum price. An offer below the increased sum declared is not acceptable.

2. You can use the Rios Auction On-line system of Automatically Raising Price (ARP).

It does the bidding for you, and you do not need to follow the process.
First your must make a mark at the "Autobid"
Then you must put on your top price for the item.
Push the button "Check your bid:"
The ARP will raise the price step by step until the end of the sale or if your top price will be exceeded.

If your price gets outbidden you will be notified by E-mail.

Not any person attending the auction or bidding by Net will see your price. The information is confidential.

You have the possibility to increase your top price any time you choose. You will be notified each time by E-mail about your offer change.

However, the Rios Auction On-line will not be responsible for any technical fail of delivering the information.