RIOS Gallery

Useful Advice

How to get acquainted with the exposition.

On page one on the "Featured lots" section you can see only 5 works - the ones to attract your special attention.

The exposition is divided into categories. Choose the one that is of interest to you and click on.

The whole list of works is divided between pages - 5 lots on a page. In order to run through the pages look at the numbers at the bottom of the screen and use the "forward" or "back" buttons.

Button "*" will show you at once all the lots of this category.

Button "#" will again divide the lots among pages.

You shall get the detailed information on the lot either pushing the button "See details" or clicking on the photo by the left mouse button.

Push the button above the photo ([1], [2], etc.) and you will see the other photos of the lot.

In order to see the next lot use the window in the upper part of the screen. Push the button in the right part of the window to get the whole list of lots. Point the mouse at the lot you have chosen and click once on the left mouse button.

To return to the first page of the Auction ON-LINE, push the "Exposition" button.

Of you happen to push the button over the photo ("Paintings and Drawings", "Bronze", etc.) you will return to the beginning of the exposition.

In case you like the lot and you are ready to bid, push the "Your bid" button. In this field you must place your User name and Password (you choose them yourself by Registration).

By pushing the "Help" button you will get full information on How to bid (tips and strategies).