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Dali, Salvador (1904-1989). Mermaid with a Fish Head. "Les Diners de Gala" (1971)

Colour lithography, etching, paper
40,5 x 56,6
Lower left – 63/195
Lower right – Dali (in pencil)
On the centre - Spoon on crutches

The work of Salvador Dali (1904-1989) is associated with the surrealist movement of the 20th Century. A diverse and multi-talented artist, Dali is considered one of the most collected artists today, and his works offer an incredible opportunity for enormous appreciation in value. Many of his works are held in prestigious museums, private and public collections around the world.
The German publishing house Taschen released the legendary book with recipes and illustrations by Salvador Dali in 1971.
136 recipes with illustrations by the author are collected in 12 sections.
Dalí’s subtle combination of a mermaid with a fish head is an illustration for an entrée in the cookbook. The artist’s original conception of this idea dates back to the “Dream of Venus” pavilion constructed during the 1939 World’s Fair. Dalí proposed that for the outside of the pavilion a colossal reproduction of Botticelli’s The Birth of Venus be installed. Dalí stipulation was that Venus’ head would be replaced with that of a fish head on the classic representation of ideal beauty.
The book Les Diners de Gala is dedicated to Dali's wife and muse Gala. By the way, as a child, a famous artist wanted to become a cook.

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