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Stenglin, Johann (1710/15-1776) Germany, Russia Fedor Ioanovich, Tsar and Autocrat of All Russia. (1742 - 1777)

Mezzotint, paper
34,6 x 24,6

Johann Stenglin (1700–1710, Augsburg, Holy Roman Empire - 1777, St. Petersburg, Russian Empire) was a Bavarian mezzotint engraver and miniaturist who worked in Russia for a significant part of his life.
Born in the family of a wealthy burgher; studied engraving, as is believed, under the guidance of Johann Georg Friedrich Bodener (1691-1730) - a representative of the famous Augsburg dynasty of mezzotintists;
In 1741, at the invitation of Academician Y. Y. Shtelin, Shtenglin arrived in St. Petersburg and began working at the then newly opened art department of the Academy of Sciences. Then at the Art Academy.
Stenglin depicted one hundred Russian tsars based on portraits of various authors.
Tsar Fyodor Blessed (1557 - 1598) was the third son of Ivan IV Grozny, who was on the throne from 1584 to 1598. The line of Ryurikovich ended with him.

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