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Martynov Andrey Efimovich (1768-1826) Mongol. (Album "Types of the Peoples of Russia and Mongolia"). (1808)

Lithograph, colored soft varnish, paper
32 x 26
Lower left - Dessine et grave par
Lower right - Martinow 1808.
Lower in the center - Mongol Монголъ

Martynov - one of the greatest Russian landscape painters of the late XVIII - the first third of the XIX century, a brilliant draftsman and engraver.
born in the family of a soldier of the Life Guards regiment. In 1773 he studied at the IAH in landscape class at Sam. Shchedrin. During the period of study repeatedly pointed medals: in 1787 received a small silver medal in 1788 - a large silver and small gold medals for "writing program." In the same year was released from the Academy with the certificate of degree 1 for the title of class artist and the pensioner's right to travel abroad for a period of 6 years.
in 1789 as a pensioner IAH went to Rome, worked under the leadership of the German landscape painter YA.-F. Hakkert. Advice of FM Matveeva. In 1795 he returned to St. Petersburg, made in Rome for landscapes is recognized as "designated" in academics. In the same year for the painting "View in the vicinity of Rome" was awarded the title of academician. In 1802 he was appointed to the post of Adviser IAH. In 1804 made a trip to Russia in 1805-1806 - a trip to China with the Russian Embassy Earl A. Golovkin. Performances during the visits of full-scale sketches created a series of etchings "Picturesque journey from Moscow to the Chinese border ..." (1808), a series of lithographs "Types of the peoples of Russia and Mongolia" (1808) and "Russian folk types" (1818). In 1810 traveled to the Baltic Sea in the retinue of the Empress Elizabeth Alekseyevna.
In 1808-1819 served as a decorator in the Directorate of Imperial Theaters. Together with Semyon Shchedrin created landscape paintings, panels and easel paintings for the decoration of palaces at Pavlovsk and Gatchina, Mikhailovsky Castle in St. Petersburg. In 1812 a petition on the "determination of his office at the Academy for training of landscape painting, which was denied.
in 1821-1822 performed on watercolors album of lithographs "Views of St. Petersburg and its environs", which printed his own. Also engaged in manufacturing of repetitions of its engravings and original lithographs based on travel: A Collection of Russian Costume "(1821-1822)," New Collection of Russian Costume "(1822)," Ball in Irkutsk (1821-1824), "The Mongolian subjects. From travels in Rossiyskom Embassy in China" (1822-1824).
In 1821 he retired. In 1824 left for treatment in Italy.
buried in the cemetery of Monte Testaccio in Rome.
Martynov works are in many museum collections, including the State Russian Museum, State Tretyakov Gallery, Pushkin Museum im. Pushkin State Museum of History and others.

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