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Matteo Tagliapietra. The Murano Artistic Glass Mask. (2013)

The Murano Artistic Glass
29 x 13 x 12 cm

Carnival 2013 Venice Murano glass masks in silver and gold as a prize 25 January 2013
Murano glass and 24 carat gold for the Carnival prize-masks
The brand of excellence of Venice becomes the official partner of the event: companies at work to create the 22 lion's head oselle that will parade through the squares in February
One of the two masks in glass, silver and gold as a prize
The Murano Artistic Glass masquerades to become a partner of the Venice Carnival 2013. From January 26th to February 12th 2013 the brand, designed by Diego Lazzarini, will become the protagonist of the most famous Italian kermesse: in particular, of the daily parades of masks that will follow one another in Piazza San Marco and the final competition "The most beautiful mask of Carnival 2013".
The concessionary companies of the brand, in fact, will create the 22 oselle depicting a lion's head, symbol of Venice, in artistic Murano glass that will be delivered to masked guests who will win the jury's consent and, finally, the prizes day by day. for the title of the most beautiful mask of 2013 and of the mask more in line with the theme "Vivi i colori - Live in Color" which will be delivered in Piazza San Marco during the awards ceremony scheduled for Sunday 10 February.
The two prizes up for grabs will be a glass reproduction of the typical Venetian mask the Bauta, aquamarine green with applications in 24-karat silver and pure gold leaf, and a wonderful blown plate, open freehand in transparent glass with colorful applications, to symbolize the magic and euphoria of the Venice carnival.
"The colors of the Carnival will be reflected in the colors of our glass - comments the president Luciano Gambaro - in fact, even the glass is disguised and transformed every day into something new and of absolute quality: like the precious costumes of our guests, glass it is made sartorially, by hand according to ancient techniques, and each piece is truly unique and original. We hope that the colors, transparencies, and processes of our glass, which have been able to enchant the whole world for hundreds of years, will contribute to making this edition even more resplendent and alive ”.
La Gambaro & Tagliapietrastands out for the production of artistic glass objects (perhaps the most classic and well-known production type together with the processing of chandeliers): small and large masterpieces of high craftsmanship, from traditional objects - cups, vases, plates, animals, candlesticks, lamps table, carafes, glasses, sculptures - up to real collectible artifacts made in limited and exclusive editions for a refined clientele looking for uniqueness. Over the years, while continuing to enhance the typical techniques of Murano glass, Gambaro & Tagliapietra has experimented and renewed others to make its objects and creations always current and in step with the times: modern and simple productions. , combined with traditional techniques such as those with murrine and gold leaf, contrast with classic shapes in very intense pastel colors with the scavo technique or the contemporary use of silver and gold leaf on a black glass base, as well as incalmo, balloton, sommerso ... This production is made with the primary objective of change, renew and propose itself in a unique and different way. Precisely in this perspective of change and innovation, themaestro Matteo Tagliapietra is always looking for new shapes, combinations and challenges to continue, renewing it, a story that has continued for more than forty years, with the same daily passion and will. Each piece is skilfully created by hand, checked and authenticated with the signature of the master Tagliapietra engraved on the glass, and is also accompanied by a stamp and guarantee that certify its quality and origin. Gambaro & Tagliapietra is part of the Promovetro Consortium, which brings together the leading artisan companies in traditional processing, with products made entirely by hand, in compliance with the high quality standards of Murano glass production. Furthermore, it is a concessionaire, with the code n. 022 , of the "Murano Artistic Glass" brand, a guarantee that the Veneto Region grants only to the furnaces that produce in Murano.

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