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Leps, Erich (1901 – 1965). Seamstress. (1920s).

Oil on canvas
55,3 x 45
Lower right – E. Leps

Erich Leps (1901 Tallinn - 1965 Chicago) began his studies in 1923 in Tallinn at the State School of Art and Design under the guidance of Paul Raud and Roman Nymann. Two years later he entered the Pallas Art School, from which he graduated in 1931 with a degree in painting in the workshop of Nikolai Triik. As an outstanding student, he was awarded a Fellowship by the Government and the Beaux Arts Foundation to study in Paris from 1931-1932. Later, he made study visits to Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Finland, Sweden and Russia. Since 1928, Erich Leps has participated in all exhibitions in Estonia organized by the Fine Arts Foundation and the Pallas Art Association. His paintings have also been presented at foreign exhibitions of Estonian art in Riga, Moscow and Germany. Leps was a famous portrait painter. The artist's works are in many private collections, in several art museums, as well as in the pre-war fund of the Pärnu Museum. Leps also worked extensively in the field of arts education, opening his studio in Pärnu in the first half of the 1930s and giving lectures at a folk high school. Among other things, he organized excursions to art exhibitions in Tallinn. In 1944 Erich Leps emigrated from Estonia, first to Germany, then in 1949 to the United States. Where he continued his intensive creative activity, performing at almost all exhibitions of Estonian art. He organized and ran the first Estonian Applied Arts and Crafts Refugee Association in Estonia in Ulm. At the same time, he was a decorator for the local American Red Cross Club. At the time, he painted a series of portraits of American military and Red Cross characters.
This work is painterly complete and remarkable (painterly white on white), although it dates back to the time of study at Pallas. It is possible that on the portrait model his future wife, Pauline Estam, 1929, is also a student of Pallas (1929 - 1931).

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