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Haas, Voldemar (1889–1982). "Wood in the Winter". (Late 1960s, early 1970s).

Oil on canvas
34,5 x 49
Please find picture on address: Tallinn, Mustamдe tee 4 room 103

Voldemar Haas has been from 1923 to 1937 a stage designer at the "Vanemuine" Theatre in Tartu and from 1937 to 1956 – at the "Estonia" Theatre in Tallinn. Since the study at the “Pallas” Art School in Tartu (1919-23), the easel painting occupied an important place in his oeuvre, as well. He often painted the views of Tallinn – not so much the old town, as the modern city, revealed the interest in light effects, characteristic for an artist of theatre. Exquisite and fresh, this sketch is a fine example of the artist's talent in painting nature.

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