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Breul, Heinrich (1889 – 1941). A copy of the Rembrandt. "Bust of a Bald Old Man" (1911)

Oil on wood
50 x 40
Lower of centre - Re HBreul DT. Cop.1911
On the reverse - Rembrandt. Der Mann mit der Glatze. Cop. H. Breul. Märtz 1911

Heinrich Breul is a famous copyist from Kassel.
Henri Breuil is a well-known portrait and landscape painter, educated at the Kassel School of Arts and Crafts, then at the Art Academy of Kassel.
The artist copied Rembrandt's The Visiting Man in the Old Masters Art Gallery of Kassel in 1911. And it was considered the work of Rembrandt himself or his masters for some time.

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