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Dücker, Marie (1847 – 1934). Hunting Trophy . (1900 – 1910s)

Oil on cardboard
44,4 x 33,7
Lower right - MD
On the reverse - Bliebernicht, M
( Probably the painting belonged to Mary Bliebernicht, wife of the owner of the brewery in Pärnu , Artur Bliebernicht.)

Art education culvert Maria , the sister of the famous landscape painter Eugene Ducker (1841-1916) , professor at the Düsseldorf Art Academy, also received at the Düsseldorf Art Academy . She wrote a lot in Pärnu, where she taught . The artist was a master of still life. Her work has been presented at the first art exhibition in Pärnu in 1901 and the exhibition of the Baltic Union of Artists in 1911 and in Pärnu. Critics of the time, her paintings are considered as one of the most interesting and valuable in the exhibition.

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