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Fuks, Margarethe (1921 – 2005). Illustration no. 27, to the book by L. Wolf and Tigani Puppy. (1947).

Gouache on paper
29, 7 х 23,5
On the reverse - The text confirming authorship. The textbook has not been published.

The aquarellist M.Fuks was born in 1921 in Leningrad, same year the family has moved to Estonia. The aquarellist. Has finished in 1935 in Tallinn начальую school. In 1940 –Comprehensive school graphic and an applied art on a specialty "Set dresser". 1940-41 it was trained at School of an applied art of J.Koort, and with 1942 for 43 of – pupil N.Mej and E.Haamer at the Tallinn School graphic and an applied art. Worked in Синди, Tallinn in Studio Myttus, 1944-83 – in”Ars”. A member of the Union of Artists of Estonia with 1955. Has illustrated and has issued set of books for children and youth, and also textbooks, magazines and newspapers. Created posters, wrote city landscapes, still-lifes and portraits. In 1947 became the author of the sketch of a badge and a breastplate (together with A.Hojdre) the Holiday of a song First in the Estonian Soviet Socialist Republic.

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