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Eisendieck, Suzanne (1906 - 1998). The Girl on a Sofa. (1940s).

Oil on canvas
47,5 x 44
Lower left - Susanne Eisendieck

Suzanne Eisendieck was born at Holzraum Platz 2B in Danzig (now Gdańsk in Poland) to German parents Karl Eisendick and Anna Eisendick - maiden name Klegus. [
At the age of 12, Suzanne Eisendieck became one of the youngest pupils of the painter Fritz August Pfuhle. When she was 21, she went to study for three years at Berlin State Academy for Fine and Applied Arts, attending the class of Maximilian Klewer, and whilst there took part in an exhibition with over 1400 objects displayed in a group collection. Only 9 were sold and 3 of these were her canvases. This successful show in Berlin enabled her later to travel to Paris where she took residence in a tiny attic of Latin Quarters near the Place St. Michel and started painting. It was a continuous financial struggle for Suzanne until one friend organized for Madame Zak to visit her small studio. She immediately purchased 6 of her paintings and put them in her gallery, Galerie Zak, at the Place Saint Germain des Près. There they were so much admired that she arranged for the first exhibition of Suzanne Eisendieck works. That was followed later by a few others in the Leicester Galleries London.This was also the end of bitter hardship for young artist and the start of great success.

Artistically her work was inspired by the French Impressionists and is in many private collections mostly in America. Majority of her drawings are rapid chalk or pen sketches due to the high demand for new artworks. Suzanne Eisendieck painted in a unique style using oil paint and occasionally pastels.

She became best of friends with Dietz Edzard. It was he who originally introduced Madame Zak to her art. They started painting so much alike that some had difficulty in telling their work apart.

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