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Aunapuu, Hermann (1915 - 1998). Otepää. (1957)

Watercolour on cardboard
30 x 39,5
Lower right - Aunapuu 57

Herman Aunapuu (1915-1998) received his art education in Pallas. Was a student of Ado Vabbe. At the Pallas School of Art, he was compared to Elmar Kits and Endel Kõks. He was also in the same studio with Kõks until the mid-1940s. Like Kõks, Aunapuu painted landscapes, still lifes, city views, nudes and portraits with a good sense of color.

Like many other art students, Aunapuu was arrested in 1945 and sent to a forced labor camp in Vorkuta and on the shores of the White Sea, from where he returned in 1956. During the Soviet era, Aunapuu worked as a window designer for decades, his first solo exhibition in Tartu took place only in 2003

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