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Bogatkin, Vladimir (1922 – 1971). The Tallinn Kind. (1955)

Oil on canvas
60,5 x 40,5
On the reverse - Vladimir Bogatkini töö 1955
Valli Lember – Bogatkina

Bogatkin Vladimir Valerjanovich (1922 - 1971) - the Soviet artist and painter. Studied at Art School at the All-Russia Academy of arts in Leningrad (1936 - 1940 ã.ã.). Further was engaged in M.V.Nesterov workshop. Since 1944 worked in Studio of military artists as it. M.B.Grekova, having devoted the creativity to display of life of the Soviet Army. On the basis of the sketches created within Great Domestic war has executed a series of lithographs "Leningrad in days of blockade", "Moscow invincible", "Storm of Berlin".

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