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Greenberg, Johannes (1887 – 1951). Female portrait, the left profile. (1920-s)

Oil on canvas.
57,7 x 47,5
Above on the right –Greenberg
Ilmar Ojalo collection

J. Greenberg was born in Järvamaa, in Estonia. His artistic studies had began in 1904-1905, wheh he entered famous artist Ants Laikmaa School-studio. Till 1913 he continued his training
In Germany. Lived in Tallinn permanently since 1920, but repeatedly visited different European countries. He was working as a drawing teacher, an independent artist, a lecturer, a restorer.
Apparently a restoration had been just what co-operated J.Greenberg and the restorer Ilmar Ojalo
The result of artists co-operation - I. Greenberg´s works in different collections.
In spite of not finished work, the portrait painting style and colouring are typical for his
works of period 1920-s.

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