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Article: 3416  

Beck (turn of the 19th - 20th centuries). Girl 's head (1910 – 1920ss)

Sculpture, bronze
18 x 10 x 8
Lower on the reverse - Beck
Austrian - German antique, bronze bust of a young girl

Price: 290.00 Quantity:

Article: 3412  

Dali, Salvador (1904 – 1989). Cosmic Rhinoceros.

Bronze signed and numbered.
Patina, pyramid gilded in fine gold leaf patina.
Foundry - Airaindor - Valsuani.
34,5 x 16 x 9
On the side of a Rhinoceros – Dali
On the pedestal - AIRAINDOR. 16/499. BF

The model was cast in the AIRAINDOR - VALSUANI workshop from a wax model. Chasing processed according to the old technology, patina. The work of Salvador DALI has a certificate from the workshop AIRAINDOR - VALSUANI, 1997. The sculpture is signed by the Master, as well as an engraved stamp "AIRAINDOR" made by DEMART PRO ARTE B.V.
This model is displayed in the catalog - Raisonne "Salvador DALI: Le Dur et le Mou" by Robert and Nicolas Descharnes page 71.

Price: 8500.00 Quantity:

Article: 3408  

Danel, Alexsander (Estonian, 1940 - 2001). Golf Playing Lady in 1920s Outfit. (1983)

Sculpture, patinated bronze
Austein Productions
32,5 x 15,5 x 10
Lower reverse - Austin 1983 Danel

Alexsander Danel born in 1940 in Estonia. Danel graduated from both the Moscow Industrial Arts School and the Moscow Fine Arts Academy . He earned many awards and distinctions in the Soviet Union, including best Work of the Year in 1973 for his monumental work commemorating the history of the Russian Wars, installed in Kirov. In 1976, Alexsander Danel emigrated to the U.S. after spending a year in Rome where he sculpted set designs for Fellini's "Cassanova" and the Napoli Theater production of "Aida". After settling in New York, Alexsander Danel completed commissions for Rockefeller Plaza and Radio City Music Hall. In 1992, he held his first one man show exhibiting computer generated art at a Soho art gallery in New York City. Mr. Danel was principal sculptor for Austin from 1981 until his death in 2001.
Alexsander Danel captures the detail and grace of a by-gone era utilizing multi bronze patination. Made in U.S.A. The perfect addition to any golfing collection, a great gift or an award.

Price: 760.00 Quantity:

Article: 3418  

Fanfani, Guido (1859 - 1937). Italian. (1920s)

26,5 x 23 x 13
Lower on the reverse - G. Fanfani

Art Nouveau Italian marble sculpture.
Guido Fanfani is an Italian sculptor specializing in memorial sculptures. His works are in Florence: CIMITERO DELLE PORTE SANTE:: RISTORI-MARISCHI, 1878; BINI, 1925; BUSSOTTI, 1931. - CIMITERO DI TRESPIANO: PECCHIOLI, 1931; BATTIGLIA, 1932; FRANGINI, 1934; ZUFFI, 1936.
Literature: AKL XXXVI, 2003, 502,

Price: 650.00 Quantity:

Article: 3409  

Fülborn (XIX - XX saj. vahetus). The Smoker. (1890 - 1910)

Sculpture, patinated bronze
Marble pedestal
23 x 6,8 x 6,9
Lower on the reverse - Fülborn

An Austrian miniplastic sculptor, Fulleborn worked in Germany from 1905 to 1920. Figurines of robber children were all the rage in sculpture in study rooms everywhere. They are specially created in the German-speaking regions.
This model is illustrated on page 599, number 2224 of the encyclopedia of sculpture "Bronze, sculptors and founders" by Harold Berman.

Price: 950.00 Quantity:

Article: 3421  

Guillemin , Emile-Coriolan-Hippolyte (1841-1907). Arab Warrior on a Camel and a Dog. (1907)

Sculpture, bronze
69 x 68,5 x 26
Lower right - E. Guillemin

French sculptor of the Belle Epoque, worked in bronze. He began his studies with his father Emil-Marie-Auguste Guillemin, then with the sculptor Jean-Jules Salmson (1823 - 1902), a representative of the academic direction of French plastic art. Since 1870, the sculptor's works have been constantly exhibited at the Paris Salon. In 1870, two Roman gladiatorial bas-reliefs and bronze casts were acquired by the state for the Château de Saint-Germain-en-Laye. Emile-Coriolanus Guillemin has collaborated with major art editors such as Barbedienne or Christofle. Guillemin continued to exhibit at the Salon until the late 1890s, where he exhibited a series of bronze busts of Oriental women. These busts were part of the Orientalist movement and therefore a particular context. And Guillemin traveled to North Africa and the Mediterranean Basin to capture the anthropological characteristics of various local cultures, as Charles Cordier (1827-1905) had done a few years earlier.
Guillemin's works are in private collections and in many museums.
The sculpture "Arabian hunter warrior on a camel and a dog", the fruit of this journey and an excellent interior decoration and a good antique gift.
His works were sold several times at auctions. In the United States, one of his works, Janissaire du Sultan Mahmoud II, was sold for $ 311938 and Jeune fille du Caire at Christie's auction in London in 2007. The artist died in 1907.

Price: 8300.00 Quantity:

Article: 3410  

Höland, Constantin (Turn of the 19th - 20th centuries). Boy Playing with a Rope. (1900s)

Sculpture, patinated bronze
Marble pedestal
23, 8 x 9 x 8,6
Lower on the reverse - Höland

German sculptor - mini plastic Constantin Höland
This model is mentioned in sculpture encyclopedias:
Berman,Harold:Bronzes Sculptors & Founders Volume 2,Schiffer Publishing Ltd. (1994)
Berman,Harold:Bronzes Sculptors & Founders Volume 3,Schiffer Publishing Ltd. (1994)
Photo collection of Bronze sculptures B.-O. & G.Trappe

Price: 950.00 Quantity:

Article: 3413  

Iffland , Franz (1862–1935). The Sower. (1900)

Sculpture, patinated bronze
Marble pedestal
32 x 9 x 11
Lower on the reverse - F.Iffland
This model is illustrated on page 1129, number 4505 of the encyclopedia of sculpture "Bronze, sculptors and founders" by Harold Berman.

Franz Iffland (1862–1935) was a German sculptor and painter who worked during the late 19th and early 20th century. He was born in 1862 in Berlin, Germany. The majority of his sculptures were influenced by the jugendstil movement but late in his career, beginning in the mid-1920s, he produced a number of art deco sculptures. Iffland died in Berlin in 1935
Artistic education Iffland, received formal training at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts.

Price: 1100.00 Quantity:

Article: 3048  

Karlsruhe majolica - Sketch of Gronau Lor Frederick (1935). Two Dancers. Minuet. (1935)

Pottery, partially glazed
H - 47,5
On the basis of the model - 6397 and the brand of the Karlsruhe plant and number.

The ceramic manufactory was opened in Karlsruhe in 1901 by the decree of the Grand Duke Friedrich I. The initiators of the opening of the manufactory were the famous German artists Wilhelm Süsi and Hans Thoma who wanted to contribute to the products made, the spirit of the Italian Renaissance. And at the moment it remains the only operating manufactory in Germany.

Price: 650.00 Quantity:

Article: 3419  

Karlsruhe majolica. Madonna and Child. (1940s)

Pottery glazed
60 x 15 x 21
On the base - model number 6266 and the brand of the Karlsruhe plant and.

The ceramic manufactory was opened in Karlsruhe in 1901 by the decree of the Grand Duke Friedrich I. The initiators of the opening of the manufactory were the famous German artists Wilhelm Süsi and Hans Thoma who wanted to contribute to the products made, the spirit of the Italian Renaissance. And at the moment it remains the only operating manufactory in Germany.

Price: 650.00 Quantity:

Article: 3407   (**) sold

Mobius, Karl (1876-1953). The Spear Thrower. (1921)

Sculpture. Art deco bronze
Bronze, on a granite base
83 x 88 x 17
Left reverse - K. Möbius fec.

Karl Möbius, who studied at the Dresden and Berlin Academy of Arts. It is famous for its urban monuments dedicated to German colonial travel, many of which were destroyed during World War II. Including the monument "Spear Thrower", which was restored in 1954 in Berlin, in the Wilmersdorf National Park. This sculpture is a smaller version of this monumental work by the author.
There is a bigger version of this sculpture in the Volkspark Wilmersdorf in Berlin. This model is illustrated on page 892 of “Bronzes, sculptors and founders” by H. Berman, Abage. "Dictionnaire des peintres, sculpteurs, dessinateurs et graveurs" by E. Benezit. Gründ

Price: 6500.00  

Article: 3415  

Unknown author (XX century). Harlequin banjo. (1940s)

Sculpture. Art Deco bronze
Bronze, marble
14 x 23.5 x 10

An excellent decorative sculpture in the style of the famous Romanian sculptor Demeter Haralamba Chiparus (1886-1947), who worked in the Art Deco style in the 1920s.

Price: 1600.00 Quantity:

Article: 3417  

Unknown German ceramic sculptor (turn of the 19th - 20th centuries). Rivals. (1920s)

Terracotta, painted on glaze.
37 x 20 x 14
Lower on the reverse - F.R. and the stamp of the master

Small ceramic sculptures have been popular for centuries. With a great deal of truth, many authors have remained unknown. One of the most beloved motives in the whole world was the play of children.
Wonderful sculptural composition, number 733, manufacturer unknown. According to expert assessment, the product is genuine, museum quality.

Price: 1100.00 Quantity: