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Series Old Narva. 2010

Zverev, Kuzja (Vladislav Kuznetsov) (1961)

Start price: 50 €
Final price: 150 €
Town Hall. (2010)
Aleksandrovsky Church. (2010)
Narva Castle. (2010)

1961 was born in Kostroma, Russia, 1981 finish the Yaroslavl art school

1989 has finished Kostroma teacher training college, is art-graphic faculty. With 1989 lives in Estonia. From 1997 lives in Narva. 1999 has organised Art studio "Step". 2006 Member of the Union of artists of Estonia. A member of free schedules of Estonia.
The international exhibition of drawing in "Kunstihoone". Tallinn, Estonia. 2006 the Second award.
Works are in museums and galleries of St.-Petersburg, Tallinn, Narva and Sillamjae, Kostroma, Yaroslavl, Kineshma, private collections of Estonia, Russia, Finland, the USA.


Date of object: 2010
Size: 8 х 11, 8 х 11, 11 х 8 cm
Materials and Technics: Etching, paper

Creator: Zverev, Kuzja (Vladislav Kuznetsov)
Creator Dates Birth: 1961