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Seascape. 1970s

Freyberg, Edgar (1927)

Start price: 700 €
Final price: 750 €
E. Freyberg was born in 1927 in Dusseldorf, Germany. The artist, who got an academic education, is our contemporary, lives and works alternately in Germany, United States or in England. His long creative life devotes to one topic - seascapes. Masterful, talented and emotional author became well-known and popular in the second half of the last century. As a painter, he extensively used in his works such marine elements, like beach, surf, climb, tide, storm, open spaces, which helped him to become a very creative artist. His paintings are full of sky and sea; are almost like a musical polyphony, and masterfully created harmony - the ability to capture the marine atmosphere, transferring his expressions to the canvas. The artist, whose 90-year anniversary is coming 2017, has a lot of admirers and judges – those, who love the seascapes most of all. E. Freyberg paintings are collected in the different galleries, museums and private collections of many countries in the World.


Date of object: 1970s
Signed: Lower right - Edgar Freyberg
Size: 70 x 100 cm
Materials and Technics: Oil on canvas

Creator: Freyberg, Edgar
Creator Dates Birth: 1927