RIOS Gallery

09 February 2001

The Rios Art Gallery was visited by a group of ladies from the International Culture Club of Tallinn. The aim of the Club is to introduce Estonian culture, history and traditions to women who are new to Estonia.
The guests were welcomed by Mr. and Mrs. Tsurkan who run the gallery since I994. The ladies got acquainted with the exposition of paintings and graphics of renowned masters of Estonian classical art. The hosts also showed the gems of their collection - Gunter Reindorf's illustrations to the Estonian tales and Pushkin's poems. Also there was the opportunity to see the famous graphics of Edward Viiralt from Nina Poom's collection on display at the February Auction ON-LINE.
Both the members of the Culture Club and the staff of the Rios Art Gallery enjoyed sharing views and opinions on works of art in a friendly, congenial atmosphere.