RIOS Gallery

Gregor Aleksander Heinrich von Bochmann ja Valeri Tsurkan

Gregor Aleksander Heinrich von Bochmann ja Grigori Onischtchenko

Gregor Aleksander Heinrich von Bochmann with the wife, jelena Tsurkan

06 July 2006

The exhibition of Gregor von Bochmann

On 4th of July the art gallery RIOS was visited by Gregor Aleksander Heinrich von Bochmann’s grandson and his wife. He admired the exhibition of his grandfathers’ paintings. G. v. Bochmann, the professor of Düsseldorf Art academy, was born in Nehatu, Estonia. His whole life he painted motives connected to his homeland. He loved its nature and village life, you could say he knew it by heart. He has participated on all major art exhibitions (Düsseldorf, Vienna, Munich, Dresden, Berlin) and he is still valued in Germany and the rest of the world as a master of Düsseldorf School. He loved and was wonderful at portraying horses, he managed to effectively capture their movement. He has also made marvellous works in watercolours.
The exhibition of G. v. Bochmann’s paintings is open until 15th of July 2006, Mon-Sat at 11-18 on Kaarli pst 8.