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Kollom, Ernst (1908 – 1974). "Murder of Four Estonian Kings in Paide in 1343". (1943).

Ink on paper
24 õ 18
"Of a Revolt A Jurje night 1343".
Please find picture on address: Tallinn, Mustamäe tee 4 room 103
Ernest Kollom was born in 1908 in area Vyru, has died in 1974 in Tallinn. Art education has received with 1927 on 1931 in "Pallas" in work studio N.Òriik (on painting) and with 1943 on 1945 in the Moscow Art Institute under the management of P.Pavlinov. With 1933 on 1940 worked in Tartu as the free artist. In post-war time worked in various editions, and since 1956 again the free artist. E.Kollom one of renowned Estonian artists. Was engaged also in a colour engraving on a tree, preferred free to the diagram later, it is especial kinds of city.
Exhibitions: Tartu, Rome, and Budapest.

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