RIOS Gallery
Art ceramics workshop Danko

The collection of art ceramics, presented in the gallery RIOS ART, is made in one of the most famous workshops in the Balkans, which was founded by the hereditary ceramist and artist Daniel Nikolov.  

Baltic-German artists

From January 18 to February 25 in Jelgava History and Art Museum of Ģederts Eliass, an exhibition of the work of Baltic-German artists will take place, from the collection of the Rios Art gallery (100 Artworks. Tallinn Estonia). 


"One Day of Our Life…"

04.11.2011 - 23.11.2011

Tallinn, Roseni 8, Tallinn, Roseni 8, Rotermann’s square.

Photo exhibition "One Day of Our Life…" in focus of Latvian, Estonian and Russian photographers.

The international photo exhibition "One Day of Our Life…" opens on the 3rd of November in US ART Gallery, in Tallinn, where photographers from Latvia, Estonia and Russia are invited.

This unique international project was started on the 28 of August in 1987 in Riga, when the exhibition "One Day of Latvia life" attended 71 photographers from all over the former Soviet Union, Finland and West-Germany. Estonia was represented by the ETA-TASS photographer Victor Vesterinen.

In 2007 it was decided to organize a new photo action "One Day in Latvia. 20 years later" ( Initiators of this action were Viestur Koziols - a photographer, a journalist, an enterpriser, now a board member of the national media company Diena - with his collegues. They invited photographers, who participated in the first photo action and also photomasters and -lovers from Latvia and other different states (total – 24 states). Estonia was represented by Jarek Jõepera.

In this year the editors of the "Novaja gazeta" ( have decided to continue this tradition, but in a slightly different way.
The new project - "One Day of Our Life" - will be held in cooperation with US Art Gallery (Tallinn). The organizers invited to attend the exhibition both professionals and amateurs from Latvia, Estonia and Russia.

The international photo exhibition ""One Day of Our Life..." will be opened on the same day, the 3 of November, in Tallinn (Estonia) and in Jelgava (Latvia).