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Adamson-Eric (1902-1968). The Sketch of a Costume III. (1943)

Pencil, colour pencil, cardboard
15,1 x 10

Studied at the supreme Art School "Pallas" 1921-23, in Scharlottenburg Art - Industrial School in Berlin at H. Bengen1923-24, in Paris at C.Guirin, A.Lhote 1924-27. Till 1932 Adamson-Eric lived in Paris.
In Estonia artist begins to participate at exhibitions in the second half of 20s. Adamson-Eric is one of the most consecutive conductors of aesthetic principles of French painting School in the Estonian art.
During the war time the Estonian Art Ensembles in Jaroslavl included also a theatre group Adamson-Eric created for the artists sketch of. costumes.

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