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Laigo Arkadio (1901–1944). From a series Agricultural school in Vahi. (1936)

Engraving on wood, paper
16 x 21,1
Lower right - A.Laigo

Laigo Arkadio art education has received in "Pallas" with 1922 - 1927, in workshop N. Triik ja P. Aren and item. In the first years the artist is engaged mainly in painting. These are figured compositions, still lives, landscapes and kinds of cities. They have decorative character and testify to influence of cubism. The best in A.Lajgo's creativity has given as the engraver. A. Lajgo's first serious works in the field of an engraving concern to 1933. Since 1934 it(he) is completely given.
Works Laigo was recognized at domestic and foreign exhibitions. His strong and serious creativity represents the important chapter in the Estonian art heritage.

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