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Liiva, Silvi (s.1941) (born1941) The Artist. (1979)

Etching, paper
57 x 47
Lower left – Kunstnik. Ofort
Lower right - Silvi Liiva 1979

Graphic artist Silvi Liiva was born in 1941. Studied at Tartu Art School since 1958, graduated in 1963. She joined ERKI in the same year and graduated from it in 1969. She has worked as an art editor at Eesti Raamat and a lecturer at ERKI since 1987. He has been a member of the Artists' Union since 1972.Specifically engaged in etching in free graphics. Has requested the opening of the hidden sides of the human psyche in timeless images with gloomy-lyrical moods. Early works are dominated by light surfaces, rich in details and figures, the outline is emphasized. Expressiveness has been noted since the mid-1980s. The basis of his creative method is the ability to create emotional, existential but at the same time emotional worlds. Sand's creation of the 90s is even more abstract than before, and the proportion of fiction has receded. The subtle graphic lineage is now at the service of creating monumental large-scale forms, creating powerful epic landscapes with powerful black-and-white simple proportions.

Estonian Artist`s Association; Estonian Art Museum; Tartu Art Museum, Estonia; Pushkin Museum, Moscow;
Russian Artist`s Union, Moscow; Russian Cultural Ministry, Moscow; Bunkier Sztuki and Krakow`s Museum of History,Krakow; Art Museum in Majdanek, Poland; Folkgallery, Forde, Norway; Gallery Gamblebyen, Fredrikstad, Norway; Internatinal Images Gallery, Sewickley,PA, USA; Municipal Museum of Arts in Györ, Hungary;
Ludwig Museum, Cologne, Germany.

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