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Kosakovsky, Johann Henrich (1853-1894).

a. 19 etudes from 16 to 17th century Russian ojaloo themed paintings.
pencil, paper 35,5 x 40
c. Three studies of women's fashion, the Biedermeier era
d. pencil, paper 43,7 x 31

Born in Tallinn, Kozakovskiy, he studied in 1871-73, at the Tallinn Huber Gymnasium (at T.A. Sprengel's studio). Then in the Petersburg Academy of Arts from 1880 to 1885. Received medals: in 1877 - a small and large incentive; In 1878 - a small incentive; In 1882 - 1 silver. In 1885 he graduated from the scientific course and was awarded the title of class artist of the third degree.
Since 1883, Sprengel lived in Tallinn. In the Art Museum of Estonia there is his landscape. There are also historical sketches (pencil drawings "The Episode of the Times of Ivan the Terrible" and "The Dying Prince" 1877).
In addition, two drawings made by A. Gusev
1) Reclining woman 1896. pencil, charcoal 23,2 x 17.9
2) The posthumous drawing of Johan Kohler 27 XII 1889 Pencil 17,8 x 21.7

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