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Laigo, Arkadio (1901-1944). The Courtyard. (1935)

Engraving on wood, paper
15 x 19
Lower right - Arkadio Laigo-35

Laigo Arkadio studied painting in "Pallas" from 1922 to 1927,by N.Triik and P.Aren. In the first years the artist mainly painted compositions, still lives, landscapes. at first in the style of New Objectivity, later - influenced by the French late Cubism and Art Déco. His manner was quite refined, nevertheless he abandoned painting and chose xylography about 1933. He was the most outstanding wood engraver in the art of 1930s beside Hando Mugasto. In 1935 the artist, living in a little town Võru, edited the portfolio "Xylographs" . The present print derives from the portfolio, the mature example oh his vigorous style in this kind of art, reflecting the common interest of "Pallas" school in the suburban life.

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