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The collection of art ceramics, presented in the gallery RIOS ART, is made in one of the most famous workshops in the Balkans, which was founded by the hereditary ceramist and artist Daniel Nikolov.  

Baltic-German artists

From January 18 to February 25 in Jelgava History and Art Museum of Ģederts Eliass, an exhibition of the work of Baltic-German artists will take place, from the collection of the Rios Art gallery (100 Artworks. Tallinn Estonia). 

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Article: 2349   (**) sold

Harders, Hans (1875 – 1955). Model of an Egyptionesque Woman and Panther (1920)

Medium Porcelain (glazed)
34 x 34 x 14,5
Lower right - Harders

Hans Harders - German sculptor who was born in Morelia, Golshteyn. Art education in Berlin and Dresden Academy of Fine Arts. Worked in Berlin.
The work is a typical example of Jugendstil.

Price: 2100.00